You can transform that mess TODAY!


Are you staring at counters, shelves, and surfaces full of kids' artwork, old mail and general clutter? 

Do you step around boxes that need to be recycled? Clean and dirty laundry everywhere? The stuff from your last family get-together still sitting on that catch-all table next to the kitchen? 

Feel like it’s pointless to even start cleaning up when you’re so far behind?

Worried that even if you get your home clean and organized, it's hopeless to think it would stay that way! At least not without completely exhausting yourself every day.

And yet... the stress of the constant mess is exhausting, too. Maybe you stay at home for much of the day, so you're forced to look past your mess because you can't escape it.

Or maybe you come home from somewhere else after a long day, and you just want to relax... but the mess is slowly making you crazy! 

You're stuck with a mess you can't seem to clean, but you also can't live with peacefully.

Imagine instead, you found a way to conquer the clutter and banish the mess, in minutes a day, without exhausting yourself? 

What if you could hang out at home in a relaxing, comfortable space that made you feel calm and recharged? 

I've got to tell you... there IS a way!

After helping hundreds of thousands of readers get their mess under control for good and love the space they're in...

I have put all my most impactful tips together into a short yet powerful system that teaches you how to banish your mess a maintain a clean home in just minutes a day.

Welcome to Jumpstart Your Routine!

Do you feel like this too?

"Do you have any guidance or wisdom regarding how to address BIG messes? For instance, your daily tasks seem doable, but we're too big of a mess to even get to those. We have covered surfaces and piles of stuff everywhere, and getting to a place where there's just one load of laundry to do, or a clear surface to wipe... that seems far away for us. How do we get to that point?  "

reader email

"I feel like I go into survival mode.  Honestly when we do get a night off we are so exhausted it is hard to think about doing house work, we just want to enjoy each other and being home.  Any suggestions on how to make this all work a little more smoothly?  I love the idea of simplicity at home and have been slowly working on decluttering/minimizing our "stuff" but that always seems to get derailed by our crazy schedule too."

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What is Jumpstart Your Routine?

It’s a complete online course and method designed to FINALLY get started on clearing clutter so you can simplify and do what you really want to be doing.


Simple and concise video modules designed to get you motivated and started as quickly as possible. Watch a video, complete the task in order, check it off your list and go to the next module. The 10 videos total just under an hour.


The Jumpstart Your Routine Guide is designed to take you through each module and track your progress with ease.


Private members-only Facebook group where you can discuss your progress and goals with other students. and ask questions.

SIMPLIFY YOUR HOME - on your schedule

Jumpstart Your Routine is designed to take away the overwhelm as you simplify your home. The companion guide will help you get started quickly and with ease. The guide includes a thorough one-page checklist for each task, a daily planning page, an overview of all the tasks checklist, motivating messages for each task, goal setting before you start and ideas to help you keep going when you’ve completed the course.


  • No more big messes!
  • Transform your home in 9 steps.
  • Get more done in less time.
  • An all-inclusive program designed to alleviate the overwhelm, with the ultimate goal of equipping you to finally move forward.

  • Open your door without worrying about what’s behind it.
  • Learn how to simplify the everyday and gain back your time.
  • END the feeling of being overwhelmed to the point of feeling paralyzed to move forward.
  • Spend your time on the RIGHT clutter spots.
  • Focus your energy on what matters to move forward.
  • Find support and other people on the same journey.
  • Learn how to REALLY declutter....for good.

This is your DO-OVER

It’s your ticket to getting your home from cluttered and stressful to clean and calm. To feeling comfortable and taken care of in your home, without constantly cleaning. To being proud to invite that neighbor in and not worry about the mess you’re hiding behind the door. To walking into a clean kitchen, not dishes filling the sink before you even think about starting dinner.

Want to see what people are saying about the course?

Wait! I have questions.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where or how to start in keeping up with the little and big things in your home, this is for you.  If you are ready to finally take some action and get a handle on your home, this is for you.  

  • A SIMPLE plan and structure for finally getting started decluttering your home.
  • 11 videos - designed to motivate and get you started.
  • An END to the overwhelm.
  • 31-page printable guide that walks you through the entire Jumpstart Your Routine process.
  • Private FB group with scheduled live Q+A sessions with Becky from Clean Mama.
  • Once you complete the 9 modules, you will be on your way to a clean and decluttered home and a routine that is oh-so-simple to keep up with!
  • Access includes any and all updates.

My readers were telling me that they were struggling to even get to the point of starting a routine.  I created  Jumpstart Your Routine as a system to get started and come out from under the overwhelm, clutter, and that feeling of being stuck. Jumpstart Your Routine is designed to help you pull everything together. It's different from anything I've ever shared before because it helps you discover what is most likely holding you back from starting.

This is an at-your-own pace course - no falling behind!

There are 10 lessons - 1 introductory lesson, 8 core modules for the course, and 1 finale lesson.

Start now, finish whenever. Go through the course once or 20 times. You have lifetime unlimited access to the course. Any updates or changes?  Those are included too!

I will be recording each of the live Q+As and putting a link to each recording in the corresponding module.  

  • How much would you pay to finally be able to transform your home from its current state to cozy, comfortable, and simplified?
  • What if you could let your cleaning company go? Or not have to hire one at all? This happens ALL the time when my readers learn how to keep up with their home.
  • Work at your own pace with online help and encouragement and move forward!

Due to the nature of the product, the digital downloads, coupons and videos, refunds are not given after one month of purchase and without trying the class.  However, I would never want you to be unhappy with a product! If within/before 30 days of your purchase and after completing all of the modules and doing the work, you are not seeing results, email me and I will refund your payment.

Cozy, comfortable, welcoming

Are you tired of feeling stressed out in your own home? Let's do something about it.


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